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At Corsa, “We do what we Love, and Love what we do.”

When I was just a little kid, my best friend and I loved building things, from forts to go-carts. We once successfully built a custom pool table base which later received compliments from a local contractor. We just loved building things. Even as kids, we took pride in every project to the amazement of our friends and family. It was no surprise that, even after earning my bachelors degree, I built my profession around the trade of carpentry.

At Corsa, we believe in being 100% honest and straight forward with our clients. We also believe that communication is everything. The lacking of these traits can be detrimental to the success of any project, business or even any relationship for that matter. Anyone can learn how to build a cabinet, but it takes a lot more than that to sucessfully provide, time and time again, a quality product and service to a client that leaves them smiling when the job is done.

We also believe in doing what we can to purchase American Made products. Not only are certain domestic products premium in quality, but purchasing American-made products helps stimulate our own economy, from the insertion of money to the creation of jobs. We don’t always have the domestic option laying before us, but we strive to do what we can when the opportunity presents itself.

Let’s take pride in everything we do.


Erick Corsa


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